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Beat #5, cover artwork by Lara Harwood


The Double Issue

Beat No.5, a 148 page double issue showcases the work of each artist and includes an accompanying text providing an insight into their working methods, inspiration, idiosyncrasies and foibles – all as individual as the artwork itself.

From the Foreword of Beat 5,

‘The editing process for this issue of Beat was painful… Often it was difficult to choose which images to leave out. But for me what was most excruciating was constantly being told to cut out all the gushy adjectives I’d used to describe the artists and their work. It’s often said, “let the work speak for itself” and Darrel reminded me of this on numerous occasions throughout the writing process. I suppose I feel that this is a chance to explain some of the things that go on behind the work.

Lots of people ask how we choose the illustrators we represent. The truth is it’s been rare that we’ve ever made the approach but we receive submissions all the time The prerequisite for us is that the work has something unique. I’d say that the common thread between all the artists is that their style is the by-product of an idiosyncratic process. I thought I knew everything there was to know about the artists we represent but I have to say in writing this issue of Beat I found out things that I didn’t need to know… Overall it’s clear to me that the artists’ shared trait is the fact that their work defines them.’

Helen Osborne

London, January 2013

234mm x 329, 148 pages. Edited and Art Directed by Darrel and Helen. Designed by Jason Godfrey

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